Wednesday, 20 August 2014

NO MORE cold calling – ever again

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NO MORE cold calling – ever again

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Wednesday, 6 August 2014

Kiteboarding Tricks of the Trade – Back Mobe

Tricks of the Trade is the latest Ripslix series of instructional videos feature North kiteboarding pro rider Tom Court, that will eventually make up a datab…

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Monday, 4 August 2014

My Online Business Empire Review – Is It A Scam or NOT? Should You Join Matt Lloyd’s MOBE

This is my honest review of Matt Lloyd’s My Online Business Empire or MOBE.. More details here: Matt Lloyd is a self-made internet mill…

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Sunday, 3 August 2014

Castle Story: Mobe

Music by Galactaron: Castle Story Kickstarter! Help them get all the funding they need!;

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Saturday, 2 August 2014

Matt Damon Green Zone Interview

Green Zone is a hell of a movie! Starring Matt Damon in his third collaboration with Director Paul Greengass (The Bourne Ultimatum and The Bourne Supremecy) it’s as potent an action thriller as you could expect. As public opinion is more and more against the invasion of Iraq and more questions are being asked around the reasons of going to war, whether we went to war under false premises and fabricated intelligence (which I personally believe) or not, it’s good to see a film so current. Check out my interview with Matt Damon below.

Green Zone is a really thrilling experience, after the two Bourne Movies we expected no less from it, what persuaded you to make this the third collaboration between you and Paul Greengrass?

Matt Damon: Once we had the Rajiv’s book ‘Imperial Life in the Emerald City’, even though we didn’t know what the movie was gonna be, there was so much there and there was so much that was interesting. Again the question was can we make a film with audience appeal and get a good chunk of the Bourne audience into a film that was about fictional character in the real world as opposed to a fictional character in a fictional world.

What was it like working with cinematographer Barry Ackroyd? His style is really in your face and documentary like.

Matt Damon: As an actor working with him it’s great because he and Paul open up an environment where you have such freedom. There was never a mark laid down or someone saying you have to stand here or to deliver your line this way, on the contrary their interest lay totally in capturing something in real time. Normally your restricted by the camera load which is an 11 minute load, what they did is that they had a backup camera so they’d shoot for 11 minutes then when that ran out they’d pick up another camera immediately and keep going, that allowed the actors and extras, which their were many whether they were soldiers or children to stay in that heightened reality and stay in that world, thing’s weren’t breaking down, going to get some tea or something like that, these exercises would carry half an hour at a time, then everybody would say ok let’s take a break. I think that helps the acting because it’s so real, it’s very real to buy into that reality when the camera is asking you technically nothing at all. To be totally liberated from the technical side of filming gives you something in your performance.

When are you gonna take a break!

Matt Damon: I just finished filming with Clint Eastwood a few days ago, that’s like taking time off, no more than 10 hours a day and it’s a very civilized schedule, much more civilized than Greengrass let me tell you (laughs). I want to direct one day so I can’t pass up the chance of working with the people I’m getting a chance to work with, Paul Greengrass three times now, Clint Eastwood twice now, I’m gonna work with the Coen Brothers next month, as long as that keeps happening I can’t see me taking time of, unless the work dried up.

Where do you see the US public’s opinion on Iraq now, as you’ve been over here you’ve probably heard we’ve got a public inquiry, is there a stomach for that in America?

Matt Damon: There’s a very different atmosphere in America right now, if you engage in a discussion with any American right now on war Afghanistan will come up first, the issues of the economy and certainly jobs are what most people are thinking of right now, Iraq isn’t on the front page right now as it is here, where you’ve got the Chilcot inquiry, I’m interested in seeing how we do there and how we do here, but whether or not it’s at the forefront of everyone’s consciousness at home right now, certainly there will be an appetite at some time, whether that’s now or later, basically we can never predict what the Zeitgeist will be two years down the road, we wanted to make the movie we wanted and we got to make that movie. Hopefully the studio will will be rewarded for their trust.

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Friday, 1 August 2014

Meet: Matt Nichols

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Fit: This is not cowboy will remain in the list of 53 4 quarterback. However, Nichols, from eastern Washington, rookie free agent quarterback, point of view as a great opportunity, training and learning a great football mind and Wade Wilson as camp. He said that even if and Tuoniluomo to help him. Nichols said that this is a good situation is and he has learned a lot.

So far: the cowboy and his veteran coach has been training as a free agent signing 4. Nichols participated in the exercise of all season, including rookie mini camp, organized team activities (online travel agencies) and regular small-scale training camps. He is learning the difference between college and NFL. Nichols said some differences, including running, rather than 14 universities yarders 18 games back. He said another major difference is to be included in his seven-step drop game. He also said that Romo and Kitna is to teach him how to read a certain time, and all, to form an American football quarterback.

Best asset: He is willing to learn. Nichols knew that he was trying to get the team playing in a tough battle. But that does not stop to seize the opportunity to improve the business. He said football was his game, he is trying to make the dream a reality. He was pleased to have the opportunity to play what he calls “the highest in the soccer organization and the world possible.”

You should know: Nichols (6-2,222) held on the 14th at Eastern Washington University, and six Big Sky Conference record of more schools. He played in 47 games, through the accumulation of 12,616 yards, ranking sixth all time in FCS history with 95 touchdowns. Last year alone, he passed codes in the Egyptian military, 33 touchdowns.

1: “I heard that 19,000 people here (in the Alamo Dome) yesterday, which is 3 times I think we had home games at the university. Therefore, it is really exciting, it’s those things that make You play better in practice because it makes one more game like. certainly a lot of fun. “

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